QTabs Maximum Strength Cleansing Tablets

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Detox anytime, anywhere. Same day

Potent, no-sugar tablets are easy to use on the go for a fast, same-day cleanse. Discreet and powerful. Every box of Qtabs comes with 10 detox tablets.

Convenient, same-day results.

The tablets work quickly to boost the natural detoxification process.

For same-day detox results, please follow these easy steps:

1 . Take 4 Qtabs detox tablets with about 12 oz. of water.

2 . For your comfort, wait 20 minutes and take another 3 tablets with about 12 oz. more water.

3 . For your comfort, wait another 20 minutes before taking the 3 remaining detox tablets with about 12 oz. more water.

4 . Urinate frequently during the first hour to expel toxins

5 . Same day cleanse achieved

NOTE: If you have a larger body mass, you may want to drink 16 oz. of water during each step instead of 12.