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The Magneto Concentrate Vaporizer by Yocan is a compact and powerful rig for vaping waxy concentrates. Not only is it a vaporizer, it also comes with a built-in dab tool and a silicone jar. This is an all-in-one device that is user-friendly and can be operated by beginners right out of the box. It has a magnetic connection between the atomizer and the base for convenience, and a dual-layer ceramic coil for efficient and effective heating. Vaping concentrates is all about how well heat is applied to the substance. The unique coil architecture of this vaporizer takes vaping to a new level. The first layer of the set-up is designed to melt the wax. The second level then atomizes the concentrate. This process is aided by a hole on the side of the coil structure which allows heat to flow throughout in a manner that mimics convection heating. This Magneto Concentrate Vaporizer by Yocan has a built-in 1100 mAh battery which will power multiple vaping sessions. The profile of the device is very stealth in nature and you can easily carry this vaporizer in a pocket or bag. It even has a silicone jar built in to provide a cleaner way to carry your concentrates. It will hold up to 2ml of your product. You'll also appreciate the ergonomic feel of the power button. What's Included:

  • Magneto atomizer
  • Magneto battery
  • micro USB charging cable
  • instruction card