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CVault's are a completely enclosed, air tight and light tight (unlike mason jars) container that you put plant matter in and come with Boveda packs. The CVault's are better than mason jars because they do not allow light to degrade the plant matter over time. You simply put your stuff into the container and then slide your Boveda pack right into the pocket on the bottom.


  • Xtra Small CVault about 1/4oz
  • Small CVault about 3/4oz
  • Medium CVault about 1oz
  • Large Cvault about 3oz
  • 2 liter Cvault about 6oz
  • 4 liter CVault about 8oz
  • 8 liter CVault about 1 pound
  • 17 liter Mega-CVault about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds